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My Favourite Sport

Not many people know this and its something ive never mentioned on this blog but since i was a baby ive always like Wrestling and heres my top 5 favourite wrestlers.

  1. CM Punk
  2. The Undertaker
  3. Stone Cold Steve Austin
  4. Macho Man Randy Savage
  5. Wade Barrett

So recently there been a lot of controversy of the Royal Rumble that was shown last Sunday and even I wasn’t happy about it, CM Punk was screwed and Batista should have came back and work his way up. But yesterday i found out that there was rumours CM Punk has left the company and WWE just put out content people dont want to see.

Just now i saw the interview Triple H (Oh dont get me started on him) state he put the main event of Raw last monday with 6 of the top wwe superstars in that match lmao ok so where was CM Punk hello listen to your god damn audience.

So anyway I laugh at the whole thing now and Im would like to say I would write a better storyline and put those who deserve it to be at the top I would let people work from the ground up not get some big shot who pissed off.



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