December 16 2012

That decision i made at 6 at night was the best decision i made  Advertisements

Have moved

Hi everyone so after a week of contemplating I’ve decided to move all my focus to my own site that means the blog will be moved to there I can pack so much more content than I could on wordpress I will keep this blog open so you can read all my old posts.

The Rebel Jonathan Tesla

At the end of episode 4 we learn who now controls the government and we learn Jonathan isn’t the guy to piss off he soon rebels against the new order and decides this time its time to reveal The Tesla’s Wrath

Old Demons – This Time its War

The Story for Tesla in this one is all out war, Jonathan sees his daughter fight for her life in hospital due to his old demon, a face from the past. As a old enemy declares war for the 3rd time he comes out of retirement with a new arsenal of weapons and more powers.

Something New?

The other day i was on the phone to my girlfriend and i started to think of something cool, like i originally intended i wanted to make this novel very different but packed with so much content easter eggs and hidden stories. So ive always wanted to draw the audience into the story so i […]

Facts About Jonathan Tesla. Number 2

His Family originated from Ireland and Wales.

My Favourite Sport

Not many people know this and its something ive never mentioned on this blog but since i was a baby ive always like Wrestling and heres my top 5 favourite wrestlers. CM Punk The Undertaker Stone Cold Steve Austin Macho Man Randy Savage Wade Barrett So recently there been a lot of controversy of the […]